DIY Coconut body butter

I love this coconut oil recipe, very simple, but very EFFECTIVE! Always very important to take care of our skin, as especially during the winter time. The skin this period of the year get very dry and sensitive. For this recipe basically you don’t need anything else, just coconut oil! I love coconut in many form 🙂 sweet, cake, salty, milk, cream, body lotion, makeup remover, …… It is so healthy and tasty 😛
Lets get started:

You will need :
– pure coconut oil
– 2-3 tablespoon of olive oil (it is optional)
– some drops of essential oil (I used this lavender oil)





– Measure 1 1/2 cup coconut oil (not melted)
– Add the olive oil and the essential oil



– And with the hand mixer just start to mix together on high speed for about 6-7 minutes



– And your coconut body butter is done, it was easy, right? Now you can put in a nice jar and put some christmas decoration on it. I am sure one of your loved ones will be very happy for it or you can enjoy yourself. 😉



Much love!



One thought on “DIY Coconut body butter

  1. I just now made your body butter. I used organic evening primrose oil instead of olive oil and organic Lavender and Rosewood essential oils. It is powerfully wonderful! Thank you for the recipe ~ I have been wanting to make my own lotion for years and finally got the courage to try due to your encouragement on how simple and easy it is!

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