Vegan Zucchini and buckwheat mix in rice paper

7. Day – the last day πŸ™‚
I enjoyed this journey, i tried out new recipes. I hope some of you who did not like zucchini in the beginning of the week, now you start to give it a chance πŸ™‚
I can still recommend to try it raw first and after cook always just a little and mix with other vegetables.
So now start with the last recipe of this zucchini week.

What you need:
1 small zucchini
1/2 small sweet potato
1/2 carrot
green onion
olive oil
1/2 dl water
rice vinegar
rice paper
1/2 cup buckwheat



How to:
Cook the buckwheat. I don’t know exactly how much water you need. I just put enough that covers the buckwheat and then always add a little. When is soft remove from the heat and put a side.


Cut all the vegetables in slim and long shapes and put into a skillet, add the olive oil, spices and the water. Cover it and wait until the vegetables a little soft. When you think it is ok, just put a side.

Prepare your work place πŸ™‚ everything is should be at hand.Β Have a bowl (size of your rice paper) filled with very warm water, put one rice paper in it and after 30 sec (or when you feel it is soft)remove it and gently put on the table, on a wet and clean table cloths. Put a vegetable and the buckwheat on the end and fold the paper (my style : fold from the end than from the sides and then the end again). Do it on your own style. Than is done. Keep doing this until you run out of vegetables and buckwheat.



As you see mine are quite big πŸ™‚ they are giant, actually too huge. You want to make them much smaller, than they are not fall apart while you eating it. But this was my first time to use rice paper……so it was an experiment. Next time for sure i make them smaller and may be i will even try to put them into the oven.
Thanks for staying with me for the whole week. If you like to have some other food series or any other health or beauty series πŸ™‚ just let me know and i do it πŸ™‚

Much love,Ymani ❀ 


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