Giant Vegan Cookies!

I love cookies and sweets 🙂 and always, when I start to eat cookies – I eat one and another and another ….. and after 4-5 cookies, I realize how many I have eaten 🙂 SO I came up with an idea – a tricky idea 🙂 because I still eat the same amount, yet I have only one cookie 🙂 Therefore, I made this very big one. I used the same recipe like VEGAN CHOCOLATE COOKIES. The only change is that, I added turmeric instead of the cocoa powder and made them bigger 🙂

They are delicious, soft. Please try it out and enjoy 🙂



Love, Ymani


2 thoughts on “Giant Vegan Cookies!

  1. Wow… with this golden colour they look extremely delicious!! Have to try this once I get back to eating sweets.. 🙂


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